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Aesop Rock & Percee P - The Dirt & Filth

Off Perseverance. Very slept on little collab & hard to find

Tags: aesop, rock, percee, def, jux, new, york, hip, hop, eyedea, slug, atmosphere, sage, francis

4473 days ago

Cocaine Cowboys

  The sordid history of drug trafficking in Miami is sodden with seemingly endless quantities of dope, money, and corpses. Documentary filmmaker Billy Corben divides his absorbing account of crime and consequences into three distinct sections: outlining the basics of cocaine importation ...

...illy, corben, david, cypkin, police, murder, colombia, drug, smuggling, coke, cocaina, war, crack, coca, money, sex, medellin, pablo, escobar, new, york, city, virgin, italian, mafia

4905 days ago