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Moved from California to South Carolina... Now I'm ready to go to Colorado just to end this SC misery.... Not growing anymore and no connect

3049 days ago

Whos from south carolina? Blaze

3618 days ago

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My favorite song !?!?! Twiztid - She Ain't Afraid

...off And then she shoved it in her mouth It felt like I came from down South Know about it Pussy pleasing'...it rough? I can feel my shit swelling and expanding A one way trip down south, a crash landing Right in you...

4636 days ago

Outdoor/Guerilla Grow Guide - Everything u need to grow Marijuna!

...upon through practice. One favorite technique is to hide plants on the south side of bushes so that passer...mid July for varieties acclimated to this climate. Varieties from more southern climates, may not start un...

4652 days ago

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Cannabis Laws Around the world

...ude infringement notices and confiscation if you're found in possession of less than 30g or two plants. Is illegal in New South Wales though the state depart...

4818 days ago


Comment on "Wire posts"

Oh yes there is...having the Beavis & Butthead and the South Park complete seasons too! =D

4662 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

same, watching south park. :)

4131 days ago