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Moved from California to South Carolina... Now I'm ready to go to Colorado just to end this SC misery.... Not growing anymore and no connect

3049 days ago

Whos from south carolina? Blaze

3618 days ago

Who lives in south Easter Oklahoma

3712 days ago

Heeeyyyyyy, Momma rock me. Rock me momma like the wind and the rain, rock me momma like a south bound train. heyyyyyyy momma rock me... yea.

3762 days ago

baked, watching south park. nobody to share this bud with, which makes me sad. but i'm high so it's all good. need a rl toke partner tho.

4132 days ago

awake and baking south UK!

4527 days ago

General Abdel-Fadeel Shosha, the governor of South Sinai says he cannot rule out Mossad was behind a series of shark attack on tourists, lol

4680 days ago