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High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 2012 - Munchie On Location

Munchie On Location is back with coverage from the High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup. www.munchieminute.com We have a few shots of the convention floor, an interview with Elise from High Times on her Cannabis Cookbook, and a walkthrough view of the WeedMaps patient lounge.

Tags: munchie minute, high times, cannabis cup, denver, 2012

4175 days ago

Denver 420 Rally 2012 - Munchie On Location

The Munchie Minute crew was at this year's Denver 420 rally. Along with amazing footage of the "freedom cloud" that acends at 4:20pm the crew was able to get an interview with one of the organizers and few other event goers.www.munchieminute.comFree the weed and legalize it!

Tags: munchie minute, 420, rally, denver, 2012

4179 days ago