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StonersUnited is introducing Micotran$actions!

...   The chat will also be behind a paywall and will follow a pay per minute model along with an additional fee in StonerBucks™ for bong rips.    We hope...

2493 days ago

scuba bong idea

scuba diving bong 3 hozes   1 or 2 tanks air(empty)   a harness   screw-on-pipes 0,5 gram to 2,5 (for weed)   jet fighter mask under piece &nb...

4070 days ago

The Bong Man Of Camden

As i may have already mentioned to some of you i spent last week showing a certain yankydoodle around london, when we were in camden we can across something i felt an overwhelming urge to share with my stoners buddys at SU, THE BONG MAN!  

4091 days ago

If the transcripts to my calls to at&t were discovered......

...that..... *elevator version of sexual healing* me:fuck ............ *bong rip* att: hello, this is (on...att:hmmmmm......please hold..... *elevator version of sexual healing, bong rip* me: *sing along and cat...

4139 days ago

Weed Finder

Stoners United Weed Finder, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cannabis Coffee Shops Directory/Locator is now in beta testing, please ber with us while we increase o...

4155 days ago

Youtubes attack on TITS!! Round 2

...violating the YouTube Community Guidelines: 420 Hits From The Bong @ Stoners United Web Cam Chat...abled for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines: Tits and bong rips @ Stoners United web cam...

4328 days ago

Youtubes attack on TITS!!

...been disabled for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines: Bong rips and girls shaking tits on web cam @ Stoners United - (StonersUniteddotcom) Tits and bong rips @ Stoners United web cam...

4339 days ago

Broken Bongs to Mini Bongs

...ill know i accidentally smashed my bong about a month or 2 ago, So t...s, WTF was that ? phone? laptop? bong? NO not the fucking BONG. Iv...ithereens, Many if not most the bongs and pipes etc iv owned over...i like and came across this Mini Bong. It was only £8/$12...

4348 days ago

Tits Promo Vid might not have been a bad idea!

5 Mins after submitting the video to youtube.........   fidogr has made a comment on Tits and bong rips @ Stoners United web cam chat: hahhahhah im in hahahh You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.

4349 days ago

Bargin Bongs!

Mini Glass Bong Weed Star Bong Art Glass 18.8 Bushmaster Bong This Mini Borosilicate Glass...while keeping it steady Weed Star Bongs are great value for such hig...base. The Bushmaster Glass Water Bong range includes a variety of w...

4350 days ago