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2264 days ago

Sorry guys had to disable the blog for a few days, seems like m3rk and I are spending atleast 30 mins each a day deleting spam!!

2989 days ago

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On a diffrent note.

On a diffrent note from my last blog i have some good news. I have offically started to grow marijuana. My...filter (for smell), and just everything better. But if you read my last blog you could put two and two tog...

2957 days ago

You're Awesome

...awesome. Please, call me Dr. Awesome! If you are wondering, yes, I do.. in fact, indeed, have my PhD in Awesome. I thank you for reading my first Blog Post on StonersUnited.com mu...

2995 days ago

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eting reson

...take on the single resonator model. This instrument utilised a wooden "biscuit" at the cone apex to support the bridge, rather than the mbtsports.blog.co.uk conventional spider.Th...

2717 days ago




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2221 days ago



Tags: blog

2221 days ago


Comment on "The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?"

NOW CLOSED The Stoners United Poem Competion! Click here to vote 4 your winner The Poem About Stoners United by Stoners United NOW CLOSED

3906 days ago

Comment on "Would people be interested in a subscribers option at Su?"

...stuff, hat or shirt along with random content whether it's a developers blog or access to beta things. Not...ame or a little thing that says 'subscriber.' I think that the core chat/blogging/uploading should be free,...

3728 days ago