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2264 days ago

Sorry guys had to disable the blog for a few days, seems like m3rk and I are spending atleast 30 mins each a day deleting spam!!

2989 days ago

Hey all the stoners on the wire this is young_blazer502 I started a new blog today and I wanted everybody to help me out and comment

2997 days ago

I was high with you niggah check out my blog @JolleyStoner

2997 days ago

getting the hang of this. again check out the blog!!!

3912 days ago

new, stoned, and bored. everyone hit me up and check the blog out.

3912 days ago

Stupid chineese spamers, your not geting free advertising on our blog how ever hard u try to mask it as an article so give it up!

3990 days ago

Check out my lastest blog Lost In Masterbation www.stonersunited.com/blog

4257 days ago

blog.stonersunited.com thewire.stonersunited.com pages.stonersunited.com videos.stonersunited.com

4262 days ago