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Comment on "The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?"

NOW CLOSED The Stoners United Poem Competion! Click here to vote 4 your winner The Poem About Stoners United by Stoners United NOW CLOSED

3953 days ago

Comment on "Would people be interested in a subscribers option at Su?"

...stuff, hat or shirt along with random content whether it's a developers blog or access to beta things. Not...ame or a little thing that says 'subscriber.' I think that the core chat/blogging/uploading should be free,...

3776 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

the blog seems to be the main target along with profile pages

3036 days ago

Comment on "Wire posts"

Have a Read "Ode to Polak" http://stonersunited.com/pg/blog/read/70410/ode-to-polak

2680 days ago

Comment on "How to make Hashish"

merks also done a blog on this @ http://stonersunited.com/pg/blog/m3rk/read/15726/the-stoner-howto-of-hash

4128 days ago