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On a diffrent note.

On a diffrent note from my last blog i have some good news. I have offically started to grow marijuana. My...filter (for smell), and just everything better. But if you read my last blog you could put two and two tog...

2957 days ago

You're Awesome

...awesome. Please, call me Dr. Awesome! If you are wondering, yes, I do.. in fact, indeed, have my PhD in Awesome. I thank you for reading my first Blog Post on StonersUnited.com mu...

2995 days ago

Fuck no-weed

...a blunt around like 1 and then they dont text back until you just getting ready to go to work that shit pisses me off comment on this blog and there will be more blogs about great ganja and other...

2997 days ago

Dear Government of Sweden

Good stuff here....   http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/mike-friends-blog/dear-government-of-swedenDear Swedish Government:  Dear Swedish Government:  Hi the...

3832 days ago

Here For Ever Listens...

...'m super new to this site & i'm not even sure it's legit. i like writing & i like weed, & i've been thinking for awhile why not start a blog. i like telling my stories. s...

3912 days ago

Oh holy shit.

I just discovered this website. Let's just say....I'm excited.   I know this is too short to really be a blog. But, just, imagine my excitement as invisible ink all over this blog. Everywhere.   =)

3946 days ago

420 Police Cars

Cracky d submited this great pic earlier today i thought it deserved a place in the Stoners United Blog  

4065 days ago

I cant write blogs but i got an idea

i am very good at copy and pasting, i wanna write a blog about how the other day when i was wityh my friend am doing the boat thing with[22:09:37] Nic Sinclair: we were walking alon...

4280 days ago