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Need input on the new m3rkzilla

Currently a new version of m3rkzilla is in the midst. An exciting new feature of m3rkzilla is going to be tabbed browsing. The way it works is similiar to that of other major bowsers, right now it limited to 2 additional browsing windows (total of 3).

The question I have for you folks is what would you like to see on the new version. Do you guy's want quick links to the forums? Do you want more browsing windows then just 3? What are your ideas? I'll see what I can work in.



Last updated 4836 days ago by m3rk_

can u make it so it picks up the cuvred edges of the sites pages? IE doesnt seem to cause its done with code rather than an image, but Firefox does, perhaps there a command to allow it or somthing idk.

Nicloco 4836 days ago