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The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge

The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge

The challenge is to make the largest resin ball, then after that we stick all the resin balls together and make what will hopefully be the worlds largest ever resin ball,

The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge comes in two parts:

Part 1 The compition - Who can make the biggest Resin Ball.

Part 2 The Record - Can we the international stoners of the world united together to get in the  Guiness book of records for the worlds largest Resin Ball?


  • Resin must be from a pure smoked piece only Must only be your resin,
  • no sharing till part 2 of the compition,
  • Part one of the resin ball challenge ''who can make the largest resin ball'' will be judged by independent adjudicator m3rk


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Last updated 4889 days ago by Nicloco

scam? nope its legit

Nicloco 4803 days ago

althou i ran out of pot a few weeks back and smoked half that resin ball

Nicloco 4803 days ago

cause i would die, why would anyone want to steal resin lol, give me some credit if that was the plan i would of called it the amzing skunk bud challenge

Nicloco 4803 days ago