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Issues with members

This posting is in a response to what appears to be, on the surface, childish antics. I'm going to explain to the best of my abilities some issues we've had with members being disrespectful towards the site and the people who work to make it happen.


Why you should use the chat on site rather then the url :

The rooms aren't free. As it is, behind the scenes we're working our asses to come up with ways of funding the site as it is. When you use the url rather then the site to use the chat, you're bypassing our site which hurts our stats. Essentially you're stealing from Stoners United, you can debate the fact as much as you want but at the end of the day it's hurting our stats. By even entering the site, you're already agreeing to these rules which you're required to follow. If you choose not to follow the rules, you're also agreeing to the possibility of being banned from the room or the site all together.

To put it in terms most can understand, When you use the url, you're basically walking into our house an taking a shit on the carpet. Then when we ask you what was going on in your head, you say "Oh, well its easier then using the toilet."

Why I'm bringing it up :

We had an issue with a member who was warned to not use the url and his response to the warning was to disrespect the request and the member giving it.  After being banned for a short period of time the member took it upon themselves to start spamming other members with defamatory remarks related to the altercation which included referring to the member as a dictator and a control freak. This kind of behavior isn't appreciated, we're already swamped as it is and it's not the kind of thing we should have to deal with.

Last night we were dealing with problems with the database as it was. These kinds of issues pop up all the time. Since the start started we've had to work through millions of problems to keep the site running. Most of the members wont understand this since they're casual members, but it's already taken hundreds of man hours to put this site up and there's still work ahead of us. On top of that, we make no money as it is.

Honestly, as it is, we aren't here to deal with drama. We have no time to deal with pesky squabbles. We're working on long term solutions to make sure the site stays around for a long time. For those of you enjoying the site, appreciate that people are behind the scenes making sure it works. For those of you who don't, leave. No one is forcing you to be here.

Remember the rules are posted on the front page. Follow them or leave. Don't waste your time or ours arguing about them. Breaking the rules is disrespecting the work of the admins and community. They're there for a reason, and if you don't understand why they're there, that's your problem.

Note :

If you're banned, take it as a sign that you need to chill out. Right now everything is out of pocket since we have no means of generating revenue.  Despite the uniformed opinions of some members, the rooms cost us money as it is. On top of that there are other financial issues that we have to combat to keep this site afloat. We aren't looking for hand-outs and at the moment don't appreciate them. We want to have this site pay for itself so the man hours that go into producing it aren't in vain.

If you get banned from the room, don't harass other members or start drama where it doesn't belong. I may not agree with the other admins all the time, but I respect their opinions and judgment. If you get kicked, its for a reason. Going around and telling other members that the banning was for reasons other then the ones mentioned is disrespectful to everyone.Rules were ignored, and instead of just following the rules they decided to be cocky about it. Honestly if it were up to me I'd ban them from the site entirely. It's bullshit we don't need. We don't get paid, and we're over worked as it is.

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