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Well look at this..

isnt this just the coolest thing ;P

been looking for a site like this for a while now.. ya i go in chatrooms just to see whats up but i have yet to find one site thats just full of stoner like myself.. untill now.:)

mm well Ever heard of a thing called Stumble?


its a pretty wicked site.. and when your B_baked.. Oh where did that three hours go.. ;D

You just click the boxes you are instreste in and it will give you random websites you might like, if you do EXPRESS your feelings and click the like button:) and if not there is a dislike button OFCOURSE!

its dope man..shows ton of trippy pictures if you click the right boxes

some Cute baby animal photos and also the Wonder of Nature catured on flim:)

Check it out some time guys :)



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Last updated 4532 days ago by GreenGoddess-

Vancouver! finally !! and lucky you it's so nice there! got good green too don't ya?

and i love stumbleupon too!! always interesting music & photography..

Welcome to SU btw!! ;)

Bent 4530 days ago

Thanks Mann:P

Yes Ti's a beautiful city... but when it rains it Pours.. :P

And thanks for the welcoming :)

GreenGoddess- 4530 days ago