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Well so far we've managed to go a long way over the year, starting off originally as simple a forum then moving to essentially a one page web chat. A lot's changed in that time, people have come and gone, we've slowly upgraded and have learned a lot in that time.

About 4 months or more ago though we hit a pretty big road block, suffice it to say we (as nic's server people explained) 'grew too big and became of victim of our own success.' After a few chuckles, what this really boiled down to was us pulling back some popular features which were causing a cpu strain on the servers. In fact at one point users on average spent more time here then people spend on YouTube. Amazing eh?

Since at the moment we really don't have a product to sell and our advertising/affiliate programs really don't make the kind of money we need to cover costs, it's hard to say at the moment where we're heading. We pretty much are in a bind and need to explore other avenues.

Right now we're looking at donations as a way of expediting things along. So far it really is amazing that people have donated as much as they have, it shows that people appreciate what it takes to run this entire site (It's been a pain in the ass, trust us). Currently we have to move servers we cant stay on the server we are on, we were givern one months notice to move 4 months ago, To get the new server we need it'll be a 6 month contract at least, this will in the long run cost almost a grand for half a year. (£130per month)

The benefits will be worth it in the end. We can go back to scripting some amazing things. First thing we'd like to do is devise a new video chat system custom tailored to our needs and wants along with some flashy features. I won’t go into much detail but:

  • Higher Res Cams
  • Improved Voip mic chat
  • Post to The Wire via video chat
  • Post to Quote Of The Week via video chat
  • Names in video chat link to profiles
  • Resizable cams
  • You can choose who you see
  • Less limited on the amount of people on cams at one time
  • New Moderator Control Panel
  • Video comments

That's, at the very least, something to look forward to.

possible extras should bandwidth allow include:

  • Ability to make your own video chat rooms
  • One on one video chat built into current insite email meassaging system

Donating is an act of charity, not something you can hold above people's heads. Just because you don't donate financially does not in anyway mean you cant contribute. Ways to help out include:

  • Inviting Friends to the site
  • Writing blogs or reviews on the site
  • Advertising on other sites/forums {links using the word ''stoners'' help most}
  • Buying from our shop/sponsors

Being involved in these activities can help our presence on the internet and Google. The more new members we get, the more likely people are to donate in one way or another.

On the other hand, muscling members with ridicule to donate has all the lust of walking into a circuit city and having an employee yell at you to buy something. We as administrators don’t do it and don’t expect any members to do it either. There is no justification for it, it’s just plain rude.

If it was up to me, when we move to new servers we’d like the servers to be able to cover themselves instead of needing donations. With some luck hopefully it’ll work out that way. Currently we’re thinking about working in premium memberships either way. What that means exactly is still up in the air. The more people donate, whether financially or through other means, the easier it will be to keep the main functionality of Stoners United free. We all know that if everyone is forced to pay it will cut down potential visitors and deep down it is the people whom make this site worth while. No amount of scripting can change that factor in the equation.

So in conclusion, I’d like to thank everyone past, present and future for their help in making Stoners United an enjoyable experience thus far. I’d also like to thank the donators for their help in raising funds towards the new servers.

  • StringCheese
  • Highdro
  • Katie
  • Jerry
  • James
  • Jess
  • Skunkpiss
  • Big Al
  • Bent
  • Christ Monty
  • Alex drake
  • Johanne {idk who/what username}
  • Amongvacany
  • Voltrex
  • DJsliploco
  • Jonnypotsmoker

Thanks again to everyone who's donated so far. If I've missed you, just mention it in the comments and you'll be added to the list. Hopefully it will be an ongoing list of donators. Once again thank's everyone.

If you'd like to donate, here's the link: Donate To Stoners United.

Last updated 4452 days ago by Nicloco

its exciting to imagine what this site will become when all that cool shit mentioned above happens. 

i have long fantasized that in the future all my friends would be stoners and we would just hang out and smoke and be happy and silly and blissful.  i dont think its a stretch to say that su is the beginnings of such a reality taking form. 

merk, thank u for making this post - even with better than average computer knowledge i had no concept of what it takes to run a site like this.  i am in awe of your guys' devotion to the project and you can count on me to continue to be a supporter of that in whatever form it ends up taking.  

nic, thank u for being the genius behind this - you are an inspiration.

everyone else, thank you for being you.  you guys are hilarious and way more entertaining than reality tv.  you are all such individuals and getting to know each of you little bits at a time has been such fun!

su ftw!


blissfuljess 4536 days ago

I will help out as much as I can!! I can`t imagine waking up and logging into su and it`s gone!!! I went as afar as Getting a bank<debit card because the 50 dollar gift card from amex wouldn`t work!! Long live SU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skunkpee80 4511 days ago