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Cannabis Laws Around the world

Cannabis Laws Around the world

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Strictly speaking cannabis is illegal but growing and usage is widespread. In the last five years there have been fewer than ten prosecutions.

Remains illegal in Western Australia. Penalties for the personal use of cannabis include infringement notices and confiscation if you're found in possession of less than 30g or two plants.
Is illegal in New South Wales though the state department is considering to allow use for pain relief for people who are seriously ill.

Use for selected medical reasons is being trialled. Possession for the possession of small amounts of cannabis may be decriminalised.

Softening on cannabis laws unlikely.

Sufferers from HIV, Aids and cancer may be able to use the drug as a form of pain relief. Is illegal to grow cannabis in Cameroon.

Cannabis is illegal including for medical conditions although there is pressure for relaxation in the laws.

Far reaching legislation has been introduced, aimed to provide police with the authority to close down the hundreds of 'hash clubs' in Christiana. It is reported, however, that they continue to flourish.

Planting, and presumably using, cannabis is illegal.

No uniform treatment of cannabis users at present; often up to the discretion of the police force or prosector. New procedures mean that a larger proportion of those caught for minor drug offences will be sentenced for their crimes.

The sale of small quantities of cannabis for personal use in cafes is permitted.

Don't be fooled that as marijuana is readily available and used the authorities will turn a blind eye, They won't. Anyone charged with illegal possession risks a mandatory ten year jail sentence and, under Indian law, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Is illegal as a recreational drug although there is pressure for its use for genuine medical treatment.

Is illegal. Terminally ill patients are sometimes granted permission by the Health Ministry to alleviate suffering.

A government commission has recommended that marijuana is legalised for personal use by adults.

Widespread and increasing drug use. Death penalty for smugglers though only five have been actually condemned in recent years.

Major campaign cracking down on cannabis cultivation - over 114 square metres of cannabis fields were destroyed by the authorities in September 2002.

Aiming to crack down on the use of 'soft drugs' to prevent their spread amongst professionals and middle classes. The authorities are particularly vigilant at the country's entry points and entertainment outlets. A young man was recently jailed for life for growing a cannabis plant in his house.

Very strict. Sentencing known for three seeds.

Widespread in border towns and is expected to be legalised soon.

Amongst the world's largest producers of cannabis; most of the country's hard currency is earned through illegal drugs' trading. A surprise announcement in 2000 that the government plans to eliminate the country's entire hash production within seven years.

40% of the land in Parsa is under marijuana cultivation although there have been some attempts to curb this.

Illegal, even for medicinal purposes. Reforms are being considered though there is opposition from some political parties.

Presently illegal though a government report has recommended de-criminalising the use and possession of narcotics.

When the amount is less than 5g, the penalty is 12 years inside. Possession of cannabis over 5g is a life sentence and more than 500g will result in a nasty case of death.

Recent calls for legalisation unlikely to be heeded by authorities.

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