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The 5 Dollar Challenge




Many have asked what exactly the '5 dollar challenge' is. It's a fun, interactive way to possibly earn yourself $5 dollars, internet credit, respect, and the admiration of your peers. Anyone out there can give it ago, and try to win as many times as they want.

To be fair to everyone, there are some rules you have to follow.

  • To participate in the '$5 challenge' you must have a way for us to pay you for winning it(obviously).
  • You must be a registered member of Stoners United
  • You must have a cam
  • You must perform the challenge on webcam, m3rk will be the judge
  • Travel size shampoo bottles do not count unless multiple ones are strung together on a string

Now I'm sure by now you've gained some level of interest in the challenge. What exactly is the $5 challenge? Well, the $5 challenge involves :

  1. Finding the largest shampoo bottle in the house
  2. Applying generous amounts of lube and/or vaseline/crisco
  3. Inserting well-lubed shampoo bottle in your ass on cam
  4. Pooping it back out

Anyone who meets the requirements is allowed to participate.


Note : just because one accomplishes the $5 dollar challenge, they are not guaranteed $5. Rules may change at any point.

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