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Growing Questions

5058 days ago

If you've got a question about growing, ask it here. Someone is bound to give you an answer,

4762 days ago

anyone know where i can get the cheapest lights to grow from thatwill fit in my old pc box?

4744 days ago

Well im using 100watt CFL lights, cost me about 15$ for a box of 20, those work perfectly for me, then again, im using a closet, not a PC box... :P use 60watt bulbs if anything, they're a little smaller...

4208 days ago

iv got a problem with my plant i think the bottom leaves are getting al dark and die slowly.....idk it is the first time im growing with this strain from a seed i found in a bag its a silverhaze like taste very close so i think its some cros-strain from silverhaze and some  thing else anyway


so idk should i be worried about it im not using any fertelizer or bulbs shes growing in doors behind the window and if its warm enough she goes outside for the day

4043 days ago

How do you germanite seeds.??:)


[email protected]
3786 days ago

All you have to do to germinate seeds are you could but them in a shot glass filled with water and put them in awarm dark place for about 1 to 7 days (checking on them periodiclly after the first day) after you see the little white stem thing you can plant it..Or you could take a papper towel place it on a plate, put seeds on paper towel and cover with a few more paper towels. Pour water over the paper towels getting them nice nd wet. then put the paper towels in a sealable plastic bag. put it in a warm dark place for 1 to seven days checking on it periodiclly after the first day... I hope this helped you..