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Group discussion > Whats changing where you live?

Whats changing where you live?

4876 days ago

Whats changing where you live?

Anything happening ? any one lobbying towards changes in Cannabis Laws for your country state etc?

4793 days ago

Here in the UK things are getting stupid, Prime Minister Gorden Brown u-turned on Tony Blair's part decriminalisation just years before returning it to Class B which I'm sure is just a money making plan because the country is bankrupt... it's lead to prices on the street increasing because the risk is greater for the dealers and more expensive fines from the police and courts... basically Brown is trying to squeeze cash out of the criminal classes... but what an IDIOT, legalisation would bring hundreds of thousands in tax... what a dummy.

4643 days ago

Here in California we're about to legalize use of marijuana to anyone 21 years or older. its a big step forward towards changing things and hopefully more states will follow.

4613 days ago

Here in New York, nothing seems to be changing as of now, but prices are still good, minimal danger in smoking outdoors if your smart, and easy escape routes if you get caught :P

4567 days ago

whats going on with half the dispensarys in cali ment to be closing this month?? anyone know

4567 days ago

As if the economic crises isn’t bad enough, the Los Angeles City Council decided to damage it some more. In LA, there are approximately 186 registered medical marijuana dispensaries. But the City Council decided to put their foot down (after four and a half years of debate) and limit the number to 70.

As of now, the city is allowing any registered dispensary from before 2007 to remain open, while closing the ones which opened in the past three years. As the number drops, no new dispensaries will be opened until the limit of 70 has been reached. A curfew has been placed on the dispensaries, forcing them to close at 8PM everyday.


4564 days ago

AZ prop 203 will legalize medicinal marijuana, but i fear that this state is far too RED. The AZ Cardinals Football Team just donated $10,000 toward stopping the marijuana initiative, and the most powerful people in Arizona are Jon McCain, Jan Brewer, and Sherrif Joe Arpio, if you dont know who they are, look them up for a laugh. Still I have hope the the real citizens of Arizona might get off their lazy asses and VOTE on Nov 2nd, YES ON PROP 203! Then maybe I can get a script for my severe anxiety and insomnia.


4553 days ago

In Canada, Liberal (opposition party) Leader Michael Ignatieff stated that if the Liberal party were in control of Canada they would reintroduce the Cauchon Bill.  This Bill is the one that will decriminalize Marijuana throughout the country.  Any one person can carry up to 15 grams of Marijuana on them, and if caught with as much, the largest penalty possible for police to give would be a fine similar to a traffic violation in severity.

The bill was originally introduced in 2003 when the Liberal government was in control.  However, an election took place and the conservative governement is currently in power.  Getting the Liberal government back in power would be a giant leap in marijuana legalization in Canada.  There is an election coming up, so any Canadian readers... vote liberal! (Or NDP, but they don't really have a shot at leading the country).

4035 days ago

In Ontario, back in 2011, the courts were about to completely legalize Cannabis as the current Medical Access is near impossible to acheive. Most doctors will NOT aid you in obtainin Medical Merijuana. So the federal government had 90 days to fix the problem, or Cannabis would have been legal by JULY 2011.
The federal government was granted an extension, and the appeal is comming up soon on March 5th 2012. If not satisfied, Cannabis Prohibition in Ontario would be repealed JULY 16th 2012.
PLEASE SEARCH UP "Ontario Court Case of 2011: R. v. Mernagh (in the Ontario Superior Court)" FOR MORE INFO.

The current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper of the Canservative Party, currently seeks manditory minimums for Cannabis Posession, and these minimums can be applied to minors who possess illicit substances also.
However, with the Ontario Courts about to throw away the current criminal code on Cannabis (or it seems), I doubt Harper's "Tough on Crime" agenda will acheive anything at all. Considering this is not a CRIME issue, it's a PUBLIC HEALTH issue.
Furthermore, The Leader of the Liberal Party has stated that a majority of his Party Members want to see Cannabis regulated and taxed, and so have the Majority of the NDP Leadership Candidates. I am confident Cannabis will be legal within the next decade in Ontario, if not all of Canada.

4032 days ago

Absolutely nothing is happening where I live because Gov Chris Christie of NJ IS A F&@#^%$ MORON

4024 days ago

The Ontario Court Case of 2011: R. v. Mernagh was delayed and the hearing is now MAY 7th and 8th after Toronto's Global Marijuana March.
Despite a very "high" level of support for Cannabis Legalization, Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party have pushed forward a new Bill that would be "TOUGH" on crime.
That being said, he has ignored pleas from health proffessionals and the Canadian Public. He ignores facts and studies performed stating drugs are a HEALTH issue, not a CRIMINAL issue.
The new laws introduce manditory minimums, even for minors in possession of small ammounts of Marijuana.
Worst case scenario is each province will go bankrupt once we start incarcerating 15 year olds for smoking a joint, due to the increase in inmates, and the fact that the federal government will spend upwards of $1 Billion on this bullshit.

Right Wing politics ruing society. End of Story.

3959 days ago

I live out in California and I'm starting to see even more dispensaries get farther north :D

wizzla killah
3866 days ago

i live in a small country cirty in virginia. the area around here is getting worse with all th other drugs that people are using. but as alway, the law would rather lock up a pothead than send a mental health patient that really needs help to a mental facility.

3751 days ago

well, i live in san fransisco, and i have a medical marijuana card, so the cops cant do shit...

3702 days ago

Gerogia, why?? Why do i live here lol nothing ever changes in ga, they are so strict with everything down here, people will get arrested for a .2 or a roach, even a seed . pretty sad.