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Group discussion > The French

The French

4635 days ago

How do you feel about the French?

{this thread will not condon race hate so please french hate only}


4635 days ago

For years, many governments ... accepted the development of weapons of mass destruction collaborating with the self proclaimed enemies of the West for their own short term gain - but enough about the French.
-Margaret Thatcher

4635 days ago

The French take more suppositories than the rest of Europe combined. In 2006, they shoved 235 tonnes of pharmaceuticals up themselves. That's equivalent to 1,850 Gérard Depardieus (approx.).

4623 days ago


4614 days ago

What is the difference between a frenchwoman and a basketball team?

-- The basketball team showers after 4 periods.


bahaha nasty but I love this joke!


4569 days ago

wee wee wee my little fishyyy

3655 days ago

they smoke fags and lean against walls and make bad movies and give up quickly?