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Group discussion > How to make Hashish

How to make Hashish

4886 days ago

Ways to make Hashish

Theres so many guides to making hash online below is just one tythat i found, am gunna subbmitt a few more below and try and see the best one we can find, please summit below,

Making hash is very simple just follow these guidelines:

You will need:

- A piece of paper
- Cellophane from a cigarette packet or similar
- A very fine siv (the finer the better)
- A fair amount of cannabis. The more potent the weed, the more potent the hash but you can use crap weed and still get good results.
- An oven

1. Take your ground up buds and siv them through lightly releasing only the crystals.

NOTE: If you have a grinder with a crystal catcher this will get you started with the crystal collection but still siv through the ground bud afterwards).

2. Once you have a fair amount of crystals put them in the cellophane and wrap up tight. Seal it with cellotape.

3. Wrap this little parcel up tightly with paper and seal with cellotape.

4. Soak the paper in water (this will stop it burning when you bake it)

5. Bake the parcel at 175 degrees celcius for 10 minutes.

NOTE: keep an eye on it as you just pput paper into an oven.

6. Unwrap and enjoy

4806 days ago

merks also done a blog on this @ http://stonersunited.com/pg/blog/m3rk/read/15726/the-stoner-howto-of-hash

4658 days ago

wonder what the minium amount of hash i could make it without been wastful