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Group discussion > What's on your desk?

What's on your desk?

5019 days ago

Are you bored? Here's something to waste another 5 min of your day; let us know what's on your desk. You will be rewarded with 20 karma points.

I'll start, I'm at my friends place in Hilversum. On my desk are two boxes, a teaholder (both presents and now mine), a cup of tea, a bottle of water, a keyboard and mouse, a pen and a small lamp.

5018 days ago

Ok, now I'm at home.. here we go:

My bong, my meds, vaseline, Milky Way chocolate bar, tobaco, a pile of rolling papers, my phone, my phones manual, sigarets, a smurf, mokka beans, my wallet, 3 bags of pot, painkillers, a business card, vitamine pills, a camera, nail clipper, my keys, Azaron, public transport card, leaflet of my fav pizza place, peppermints, bunch of lighters, memory card usb stick, a phone, a sock, cellotape, Zovirax, lights for on my bike, scissors, pens, my grinder, my ashtray, tipjes, my mouse and my laptop.

5017 days ago

ok so there is way to much shit on my desk to list,

il make a video, prepare to be disgusted by the filth


5005 days ago

I do not have a desk therefore I am.

4930 days ago


cup of tea, pipe, ice tea, polaroid camera, clock, pink telephone, picture of my grandpa, jojoba oil, nail polish, coca cola pen, nugatti, lighter and 2 hello kitties.