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Stoners United Terms of Service

The Use of Stonersunited.com is granted solely on the basis of accepting these terms.

Users Must be 18 years of age or older.

Users agree not to display any obscene, abusive, threatening, indecent, racially offensive, or illegal material.

Transmission of material that violates any of your local laws is prohibited.

Doing anything that violates your local laws in prohibited.

You maybe be banned/kicked from Stoners United chat or whole site For any of the following reasons

  • Spam,
  • Use of drugs of cam,
  • User displays Indecent levels of Nudity on cam,
  • User is abusive and/or threatening,
  • User is racially offensive,
  • User is creating drama after been requested to drop it,
  • User is speaking language other than english in main chat (in pm or insite email is fine)
  • User enters chat via URL's other than Stonersunited.com,
  • Using sites that have been found to rip off Stoners United code or content,
  • User attempting to sell trade or advertise products or services,


All content at Stonersunited.com is for EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. This web site is for MATURE audiences only.

Stonersunited.com does not support nor condone illegal drug use in any shape or form This agreement takes precedence over any local, national or international laws which might otherwise apply in your area of residence.

By entering Stonersunited.com you agree to abide by the terms of service stated above.

Kind regards,

Stoners United Admin Team.