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About Stoners United

Stonersunited.com is a live streaming social network founded early 2009 that caters to a unique niche audience,

Stoners United is a 18+ website strictly for adults only,

What is Stoners United?

Stonersunited.com is a live streaming social network forums and  HD audio video webcam chat rooms{Conference and roulette style}.

Each and every Stoners United Member gets there own stonersunited.com/you URL and can make:

Aswell as areas like the Stoners United Grow Room where members can,

  • Show Off Skunk/Weed Buds
  • Show Off Cannabis Plants
  • Join Ganja Growing, Smoking and Strain related Discussions

and loads loads more,

Stoners United is currently free to use but it does cost us money to run,

Stoners United is mantained by a dedicated team of admins and moderators constantly working with the latest web technologys to provide the best possible user experience.

If you are intrested in advetising with www.stonersunited.com click here

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