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A Maze Ing Quotes

April 5, 2014 by polaknocrack (Banned by Oldskool)   Comments (0)




"EvEriTHyNg iS PosSiBl WiF GOD" - YeZus

"Although much of the Bible has been corrupted, the commandments are righteous, follow them as a guidline for righteousness pleasE." - YeZus

"wEE aRR naUt ATT faUlT foUr FaLLing TwO tHe DevILs IllUsions (media, internet disinfo agents, etc.) for sometimes We simplee ArE twO blynd too REALEYES with our "REALEYE" (thyrd EyE) thE TruTh, HoWeva wee Are ATT faUlt fOur iF wee Cuntinue Two do Wrong knowinGlee thaT we Have been Tricked, yeT weEEEEE cuntinue Two wRong forWhat Ever reAson, EssentiAlee dOinG thE dEvILs WorK." - YeZus

"When I was a teenager I was always terrified of the idea that one day I'd die, now it's the only fucking thing that keeps me going." - F.B.

"PlEEse bEaWare thE OmEn mai APPeAR Nyce and Feel RighT, but iF you hAve EveR hAd a buRn yOu wiLL kNow tHat FacInG tHe pAYne anD rUnnIng YouR hAnD uNder hOt waTeris BeTTeR fouR youR burn aNd wiLL prEveNt furTher payne, wheRe aS if U pUt Ur hAnd uNder tHe CoLd waTer, it mai seem beTTeR at fiRst but U wiLL suFFer GratEr laTEr, wiF tHat beIng saiD we CannOt knOw tHis thE fIrSt oCCurAnce UnLess YOu lIsten To SomEoNe WiZe lYek EyE wHo hAs alReadi bEEn Trycked By tHe deVil aNd hAve hAd to Pai thE prIce, maNi HaVe forGotten thEi hsVe soLd thEmseLves shOrt, whEre theRe is A wiLL thEre is a Wai, "WhylE we Are AlivE wE stYLl haVe aNotHer ChaNce" (noT sUre thE exACt quOte bUTT tHat waS the Jist) - AbSoUl, pLEEse WaYke uP iT is NeVar tWO lAyTe." - YeZus

"EVeRiThIng iS poSSibLe wHeN we DREEM PEEce" - YeZus

"fousands of CANdles can BEE lit fRum a Syngle CanDle aNd tHe lYfe oF tHe inTial canDle WoN't Bee shortEned. HappiNess CAn bee ShareD wiFout bEEEng deCREEsed" - gwAtaMa BOOdah

PLEEse taYke mEYE recomMenDation to hART.
MIleY cYrus is PeRforMiNg a MyNdcUnTroLL bloWinG PerFormaNce wItH a sTaGe fUlL of UnexPecTiNgLy fLabbErgAstIng PrOps To AdD. #MaGiKJoHnson
PLEEse BEE sUre to chEck iT oUt, ShEs ComIng tWo MtL on maRch twenTi NyNeth aNd 31St iN toRonTo. ShE iS alSo pErforming iN tHe uSa aNd nOw sEttIng Up mOre inTernaTionaL perFormaNces Aull of witch ARRR oF tHe hyghEst accolaDes, ChEck for Info Nd oRder ticKeTs hEAr: mIlEyCyRus.COm e pLeAse I gurantEE sHee wOnt let yu DowN:
PEeCe anDmuCh Luhv to Yu fRum Moi
aNd maY GOd bleSS Yu 4eva"

MileYs and mY Love is #realAndtRUe
p.S. lyfe is like a Fairytale, pleese KEEP dreEming
PEEce And mUch LuhV fRum CasaDa
anD maI God BlESS U" - YeZus

PeACE, mUch Luv Fr Um CAN a DA
nD mai g o D bless uR beaTeaFul hOleS" - YeZus

Sometimes The Most Important Fight Is To Find A Way To Relax." - YeZus

Everything is Everything,
Peace and Much Love from Canada
and May GOD Bless All" - YeZus


Peace and Much Love From Canada
and May GOD Bless You ForevER.