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maybe there's a ghost talking to him through su?

July 25, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (11)

21:58] dreamgate: get it togethr
[21:59] dreamgate: i  dope it forks for ya
[22:00] dreamgate: sup
[22:00] dreamgate: o knownow
[22:00] dreamgate: }}}}E}ye
[22:00] dreamgate: ohoh brb
[22:01] dreamgate: ill lok him in the eye whilehe.....
[22:01] dreamgate: enough]
[22:02] dreamgate: jurassic Fork xD
[22:02] dreamgate: Nic  Welcome
[22:03] dreamgate: Block that
[22:03] dreamgate: ey so areU
[22:04] dreamgate: owl ass urr nknight
[22:05] dreamgate: how was your
[22:05] dreamgate: he cant
[22:05] dreamgate: but  nm u postthis s your...
[22:05] dreamgate: personqal
[22:05] dreamgate: ...
[22:05] dreamgate: nm
[22:05] dreamgate: eyes
[22:05] dreamgate: smokes


Noodleb0y 4579 days ago

the whole text is altered,i even see where and why,  thanks merk xD



dreamgate 4579 days ago

Altered? now I know you're 100% mental.

m3rk_ 4579 days ago


Nicloco 4579 days ago

[23:39] guest-9157 changed nickname to gribben3
[23:40] dreamgate: why not 1
[23:41] flairy: why not dreamgarage
[23:41] flairy: dreamdoor
[23:41] flairy: dreamhallway
[23:41] dreamgate: i cant change my name man

Nicloco 4579 days ago

I didn't twist anything, that was a direct copy and paste bob.

m3rk_ 4577 days ago

wow am actually lost 4 words

Nicloco 4576 days ago

yeah I only responded to the part that almost made sense, but yeah it was a direct copy and paste job from the room. Maybe next time I need to take a screen print, but then again bob will just claim it's photoshop.

m3rk_ 4576 days ago

yer i know u didnt edit it cause it would be much more insulting if u did lol

MR X 4576 days ago

also his response is more nuts than the actualy post u made, thats what i find so amusing

MR X 4576 days ago