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July 19, 2010 by m3rk_   Comments (2)

19:51] guest-10978 entered the room
[19:51] guest-10978 changed nickname to dreamgate
[19:52] dreamgate: im circumsized so...my cable 2 sensitive ami gunna press enter or what xD
[19:53] dreamgate: ROF'sL
[19:54] dreamgate: omg buwho am i laughing at
[19:55] dreamgate: ehm not long ago i thought of Maybe doing that 2 my kid 2?
[19:55] dreamgate: damn parents xD
[19:55] dreamgate: they unhigh :D
[19:55] dreamgate: whahahhahaa
[19:55] dreamgate: NOW U BE ONE
[19:56] dreamgate: lalalalala ^^hey new song
[19:57] dreamgate: im even amazed by ' eyes'
[19:57] m3rk: jesus christ bob stfu already, ive had to put you on ignore everytime I open this tab
[19:57] dreamgate: WELL U COULD HACE ROFLD ME?
[19:57] m3rk: you're obviously just doing exactly what you've been warned to not do for like 3 months
[19:57] dreamgate: oops caps
[19:57] dreamgate: V

yes i know, ill be here for rips only

i noticed it happens not on purpose, so ill hold myself back

ill learn 2 observe more, peace stoners!

dreamgate 4584 days ago