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Auto checkouts, a true gift to unfriendly stoners?

February 15, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (1)

A new Sainsburys shop opened near my work recently,


It has these new unmanned checkout machine things , you just scan ur stuff in then pay on ur card, pure genius when ur stoned and the last thing you wanna do its chat up some 36stone ginger haired checkout chick

I love the fact that i can just walk in grab my food pay and not have to talk to anyone i don't want to, oh and no ques is nice to,

i know some will say its just another step towards destroying our community and that we should all spend more time interacting etc like in the 50's when the world was a better place because you could have young boy to deliver your loaf of Holvis on a bicycle,

I ask all of this opinion to take a look at the alturnitives, faced in your local shop  and tell me you don't prefer auto checkouts


They must have really done their background research on you. if they want to offer you cheaper cookies XD imagine if they gave you money off chocolate milk !

jonnypotsmoker 4860 days ago