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Unnecessary 999 (uk's 911) Calls Podcast

January 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (3)

I came accross these todays while surfing the guardians podcasts, i felt it was my dutie to share them with you.


I think this is quite possibly the perfect example of how brilliantly unself aware we the great british public really are,

Click here to listern


After bloging this i decided to see if i could find anymore, i wasnt disapointed, check out these 5 from the bbc website

Click here to listern

Funnily anuff they all seem to be recorded from the north,

My fav has got to be when the emergency operator answered the call and the woman says: "I'm sorry I've had to phone emergency but I've got no credit on my phone."


Wooo i found even more, i think am getting addicted,, ppl are so satisfingly thick it makes meee feel good


seriously. retarded people ! 

smokeymacpot 4858 days ago

fucking homebase. dear god

smokeymacpot 4858 days ago

OMG, the people answering the phones are so friendly and patient!!!! I wouldn't expect the same in NL.


Lucky_Strike 4858 days ago