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The Eulogy Of Jewb

December 24, 2009 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

Bearded Creeper 9:33 pm
    i can't come back?
    I'm gone.
m3rk 9:34 pm
    yeah no man you were being too much of a crazy dick to girls
    to the*
Bearded Creeper 9:34 pm
    get the fuck out of here.
m3rk 9:34 pm
    dude the chicks all crying and shit
    wtf did you say to her?
Bearded Creeper 9:35 pm
    it was lagging
    I couldn't talk to her
    yoru shitty site sucks dick
    on my god
m3rk 9:35 pm
    your connection sucks dude
Bearded Creeper 9:35 pm
    tell her to add me to skype
    and it'll be alright.
    I will appologize
    fuckin shit.
    I don't believe you did that
Bearded Creeper 9:35 pm
    U said I'd never get kicked or banned.
    what a piece of shit you turned out to be.
    lieing, to me, like everyone else.
    u tell her to add me.. Bearded Creeper
    so I can appologize.
m3rk 9:36 pm
    haha dude Ill see if I  can patch it up
Bearded Creeper 9:36 pm
    i like her
    she didn't realize I aws sttign here slamming my hand into the fuckin keyboard.
    cause I couldn't send messages.
    cause of your laggy ass shit.
m3rk 9:37 pm
    your ends whats lagging dude
Bearded Creeper 9:37 pm
    it's not
    it never lags on my end
    I have a 10 mbps over here.
    It's your shit that lags, bro..
m3rk 9:37 pm
    through the router?
Bearded Creeper 9:37 pm
m3rk 9:38 pm
    just because it says 10mb a second on the router's box doesnt mean that's what youre getting from your internet supplier
Bearded Creeper 9:38 pm
    tell her to add me
    to skype.
    or she'll just cry
    not my problem.
m3rk 9:38 pm
    im seeing what I can do
Bearded Creeper 9:38 pm
    Bearded Creeper
    I can't stand lag. U know how fast I type.
    I can't sit around and talk to myself.
    I go crazy.
    I don't believe you cancelled my account.
    U know I'll never come back now.
m3rk 9:39 pm
    dude she says you were blackmailing her and shit
Bearded Creeper 9:39 pm
    how can I black mail her
    do I have naked pictures of her?
    do I?
m3rk 9:40 pm
    I dont know man
Bearded Creeper 9:40 pm
    is she just that spun or something?
    blackmail her with what?
Bearded Creeper 9:40 pm
    with the fuck toe she showed me on cam?
    What do I have to blackmail her?
    She's lost bro
    no wonder she sits around being a strippers, talking to married men, thinking they give a flying fuck about her.
Bearded Creeper 9:43 pm
    I got five minutes before I erase skype all together. I don't need it.. U got five minutes to patch up shit.     
    I knew I shouldn't of came to that site.
    I knew it, but you had to waste 2 hours of your life, while I've wasted ten years of my life.. LoL
    Bearded Creeper as her if she knows what it feels like to cry for ten years straight?
 Bearded Creeper is away 9:47 pm
dead 4m ago
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Bearded Creeper 9:49 pm
    That's what I figured.
m3rk 9:49 pm
    I dropped her the skype shit, doesnt mean I can make her add you
    or I dont even know if she has skype
Bearded Creeper 9:50 pm
    i knew it was just another shit site.. U promised me I'd never get kicked.
    U promised me..
    U more of a pussy than she is.
m3rk 9:50 pm
    yeah but if youre secretly going into pms trying to get chicks naked on skype
Bearded Creeper 9:50 pm
    I sit here for 6 yaers alone in my live room.
m3rk 9:50 pm
Bearded Creeper 9:50 pm
    u are a whore
    get the fuck out of my life.
    pussy whipped nigger.
    I feeeeeeeeel sorry for yuo..
m3rk 9:51 pm
    it'll be alright man, theres always cam4
Bearded Creeper 9:51 pm
    I thought I was a loser, but you spend more time online then I do..
    I never knew there was anyone that did that shit.
m3rk 9:51 pm

wow genius

Nicloco 4839 days ago