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The Positive Drug Stories :

December 22, 2009 by m3rk_   Comments (1)

  • I once tried to make chili on acid, I almost became a vegitarian.
  • Weed made me appreciate fox news and the reptiles that inhabbit it.
  • I refer to my cat as a Land-shark.
  • I once smoked an ant,sort of an awkward bonding experience between me and nature.
  • I'm now familiar with the metric system.
  • I've discovered google is the only god that directly answers prayers with adds for popcorn machines.
  • I learned the craigslist makes me feel better about the amount of useless shit I have.
  • I've learned that all my friends must be deaf, I've gathered this from their album collection.
  • I've learned that : When I crave a hostess twinkie, the idea of eating the twinkie is always more fulfilling then when I actually get the twinkie. Makes me wish my thoughts were edible.
  • I always eat brownies with both optimism and caution.
  • I've never felt like I was flying, but if I did I'd atleast bring an umbrella with me just to be safe.


lol  hahhahha funny shit dude


luckyzombie 4836 days ago