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Skunkpee80's blog

Growing old! (Full version)

November 20, 2010 by Skunkpee80   Comments (0)

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Act one, She wonders if anyone can hear her, She's tired of the fighting, Tired of living in fear,Tired of being the only one to which you hold dear, But soon, real soon, this will all go away, All she needs is bottle of pills and some marvin gaye, pop goes the pills to ease her pain, pop goes her heart , She's very sorry,as the note will explain, With one last gasp she calls your name, her eyes begin to close, she didn't die in vain Act Two, Depression creeping in, solemn gaze into the... Read full post

Growing old!

November 18, 2010 by Skunkpee80   Comments (0)

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Depression creeping in, solemn gaze into the night as the only words I speak are in sin, The world quiets my voice as if it's heard my story a million times fold, The subject is new but the Song is just growing old, Mama never said life would be easy, Just swallow the shot roll that pot and pray she never leaves me, I need some air and a little toke it's only fair, Spark goes the lighter as my lungs pull tighter and exhale the days worries with no fear and hope my future is brighter, All of a... Read full post

How to Identify a dickhead! We need to fight against dickheads! They login just to talk shit and fuck with you!

October 13, 2010 by Skunkpee80   Comments (3)

[3:15] guest-18445 changed nickname to skunkpee80[3:15] deadhead1: namste chris[3:15] chrismonty: hah[3:15] chrismonty: namste[3:15] deadhead1: always bro[3:15] deadhead1: always[3:16] deadhead1: skunk what u doing up late[3:16] skunkpee80: blazin[3:16] deadhead1: nice[3:17] deadhead1: skunk where is the pussy?[3:17] skunkpee80: be cool jerry[3:17] deadhead1: i mean the cat[3:17] deadhead1: lol[3:17] skunkpee80: around[3:17] deadhead1: meow[3:18] deadhead1: he got a cool cat[3:18] skunkpee80:... Read full post