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Weed Finder

September 12, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

Stoners United Weed Finder, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cannabis Coffee Shops Directory/Locator is now in beta testing, please ber with us while we increase our database of places.
Weed Finder locates your closest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Cannabis Coffee Shops and gives you the option to review them and the cannabis strains they supply.
Andriod & iPhone app(coming soon): app.stonersunited.com

The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?

September 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (18)

We are the stoner uniter's Its just what we like to doSo get ur ass to Stoners United and help me see this poem through,

Lets write a poem about Stoners United by Stoners United,
Submit your versus as comments below,
Prizes go out to the top 3 versus submited,

Top prize is an all expenses paid romantic dinner for two with our very own ''skweegie''.
Second prize is ''one hours virtual yoga with m3rk'' 
Third prize is ''A virtual visit to bob's magical world of lasers... Read full post