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Did your mum ever tell you if you keeping eating pizza your gunna become a pizza?

January 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

Did your mum/ dad ever tell you the saying if you keeping eating food x your gunna become a foodx?


Unnecessary 999 (uk's 911) Calls Podcast

January 3, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (3)

I came accross these todays while surfing the guardians podcasts, i felt it was my dutie to share them with you.

I think this is quite possibly the perfect example of how brilliantly unself aware we the great british public really are,
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After bloging this i decided to see if i could find anymore, i wasnt disapointed, check out these 5 from the bbc website
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Funnily anuff they all seem to be recorded from the north,
My fav has got... Read full post


January 1, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

This is the snow outside my house from a few days ago,

You have no idea how much i HATE snow.
Am so glad its melted now i can finaly step out doors with out getting wet feet or the urge to kill children.

Happy New Year Stoners

January 1, 2010 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

!Happy New Year Stoners 2010!

Will 2010 piss all over 2009?
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