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What to do if u cant hit allow your cam on firefox?

September 27, 2009 by Nicloco   Comments (0)

If your cam fails while using Mozilla firefox there are a number of things you can do,
First relax, its not the end of the world the cieling isnt going to fall in, su isnt broken.
There are 3 different ways around this firefox problem, but i'd advise going with number 3 for a long term solution,

The fastest way around it just use IE {but lets face it who wants to be stuck using IE}
Reinstall Firefox click here to get the lastest copy (some users have reported this option only... Read full post

I cant write blogs but i got an idea

September 24, 2009 by Nicloco   Comments (1)

i am very good at copy and pasting,
i wanna write a blog about how the other day when i was wityh my friend am doing the boat thing with[22:09:37] Nic Sinclair: we were walking along the road[22:09:41] Nic Sinclair: to the shop[22:09:45] Nic Sinclair: to get much[22:09:48] Nic Sinclair: and he started[22:09:56] Nic Sinclair: throwing small change away[22:10:06] Nic Sinclair: cause it was clogging up his pockets[22:10:23] Nic Sinclair: like one and 2 pences pieces[22:10:31] Nic Sinclair: anyway... Read full post