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Group discussion > Whats Your Fav Skunk Strain?

Whats Your Fav Skunk Strain?

4355 days ago

Whats Your Fav Skunk Strain?

4094 days ago

i think budah cheese has slowley become my new fav

3988 days ago

Super Skunk! skunk 1 is max 8 thc        hahaha :P

3943 days ago

mmm ive just been smoking some dank lemon skunk (:

3288 days ago

I have a couple great sativas and working on some Indica/sativa crosses.sativa for pain and crosses to get really stoned for sleep.

3236 days ago

My favorite Skunk strain is definitely the Green House Seeds Lemon Skunk, easy to grow and a smell/taste from heaven.

3131 days ago

white skunkl i prefer