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Stoners United Weed Finder, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cannabis Coffee Shops Directory/Locator, view and review shops, menus and there ganja strains

Submit your Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Cannabis Coffee Shop to Weed Finder:

There are two different options when listing your legal cannabis business on Stoners United Weed Finder

  1. Blue Marker Listing
  2. Custom Marker listing

Blue Marker Listing: FREE

A free blue marker listing allows you to display your 100% legal cannabis business listing on our map/directory, up to 140 text characters.

Custom Marker listing : £20 per month

With a customer marker listing your business can stand out from the crowd displaying your logo as a marker and custom info in the balloon,

  • Customer Map Marker
  • Strain Menu Display
  • Image
  • Video
  • Web site Link
  • Featured Stoners United Advertising Profile

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