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The Stoners United Head Shop
The Stoners United Head Shop offers high end luxury glassware and smoking products, we have everything from bongs to vaporizers blunt to bowls and high end luxury glassware such as

Roor Bongs for sale,

  • Featured Products :

This Roor gift set is the perfect gift idea for a toker/smoker's Christmas or Birthday gift! For someone who deserves only the best.

This Roor Bong 250 has a special Rasta Logo – three colours in one – and is made to the same exacting standards as all Roor bongs.

This custom Roor Icemaster 5.0 has been expertly fashioned from the purest, highest-quality Borosilicate glass and is one of Roor’s finest creations.

This is the most extravagant custom Roor bong that we have ever designed for our range and Roor have created an absolute masterwork for us.

  • Bongs and Water Pipes
This 250ml capacity EHLE Bent Neck Clear Cylinder bong (no ice notches) makes a great daily driver, with a vibrant, robust and reclining cylinder design. This Ehle 5mm thick Bent Neck Ice Cylinder bong combines elegant design with high quality materials to get the perfect smoking performance. Enjoy a smooth, pure smoke and watch it all happening! These clear Hurricane Bongs allow you to watch their revolutionary filtration system in action. The Ringball features a huge bubble betwixt two much smaller bubbles; one beneath it that the downtube plunges into and one above where the ice-notches reside.
  • Smoking Papers & Blunts :

Apple MartiniMade from the finest blend of slow burning, smooth tobaccos. The Platinum Blunt wraps are by far the most fragrant blunts we’ve seen!

Perfectly sized roach material for filter-tipping your herbal cigarettes. The end centimetre is perforated at 3mm intervals so you can roll it extra easily.


Cosmic Highland smoking papers come with 48 single corrugated roaches. The roach card depicts Zodiac signs, showing the sign's planet, jewel, keynote, katchword, plants, animals etc

OCB's range is even thinner and more transparent than the ultra-thin White range and feature a holographic OCB logo.


  • Vaporisers :
What a truly brilliant idea!
The Volcano Vaporiser heats the herbs and releases the vapor into a large polythene 'balloon'.

Vaporizers offer the safest and healthiest way to smoke your favourite legal herbs or tobacco.


Vapolution were the first people to manufacture a glass-on-glass vaporiser, with all-glass heating element and bowl. The benefits of this system are that your herbs do not come into contact with anything This is a basic vaporizer that required no technology what-so-ever. You place your chosen herbs into the bowl, and heat the bowl.
  • Pipes Bowls Chillums :
Molino Glass create some of the most practical and beautiful masterpieces from the highest quality borosilicate glass. Superbly hand crafted by the Shiva artists in their Amsterdam studios, these beautiful colour changing hammers are made from the highest quality glass. Twister Spoon Pipes are superbly hand-crafted with a twisted body design, mixed vibrant colours and shapes to create a device that is a pleasure to smoke. Nice and simple Spoon Pipes with mostly clear glass but with streaks of colours and simple patterns adorning the shaft and head.
  • Grinders and other Accessories :
This acrylic grinder is great for three reasons: firstly, the pyramid shaped spikes make easy work of even the most stubborn herbs. The ultimate in lazy rolling... slap ya herbs in this baby, press a button and watch the thing grind like the clappers!
Requires 2 AA batteries
Benefits: -
1. Eliminates tobacco smoke, unpleasant odours and food smell Releases essential oils molecules into the air to revitalised the room Humidifies
These Roor stash jars are airtight and just great for storing your herbs. They are made using borosilicate pyrex glass.