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503 days ago

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''it says here on your resume that you smoke weed''. '' all i do is smoke weed''

98 days ago

Talking about weed! good weeeed, I couldn't live without youuu! I wouldnt even want tooooo!

103 days ago

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I'm a grown Adult and I've never had to hide the fact that I smoke weed....till now..

...e my mom and my step dad is really cool. we all get a long and whatever but the one thing that I don't realy like living here is that I can't smoke weed here,like not even out side o...

496 days ago

Fuck no-weed

...e when you wake up and dont even have a bowl of weed to wake and bake ? Dont that...will be more blogs about great ganja and other weed type things... well comment o...log and tell me the worst day you had tryna get weed but again i just started this...

541 days ago

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my gruup come on ladys Stig is here

to day wee gona talk about weed hell yeah

260 days ago

Weed Finder

Weed Finder locates your closest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Cannabis Coffee Shops - Here you can review them and the cannabis strains they supply. weedfinder.stonersunited.com Andriod & iPhone app (coming soon): app.stonersunited.com

260 days ago


my gruup come on ladys Stig is here

to day wee gona talk about weed hell yeah

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260 days ago


Tags: toke, smoke, choke, broke. ganja, weed, yes indeed. pour me a drink, helps me think. u got tha flame, i got that stink.

346 days ago


Comment on "2am"

haha. Might need to do some research but theres a chance when the oils are absorbed in the lungs, the body excretes the oils as sweat? I dont know if that's it or if we just smell like weed.

1832 days ago