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Banned Tedx Ted Talks by Graham Hancock on "DMT, and The war on consciousness" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxvQusr9cwc

541 days ago

Thanks to all our stoner friends for making SU's 5th bday a blast! Hope you all enjoyed it and we look forward to next year's bday!

1206 days ago

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StonersUnited is introducing Micotran$actions!

We've decided to move towards a Free-To-Play model. We'll be  rolling out a new exciting program to so you can purchase StonerBucks™, which you can spend on everything...

907 days ago

A Maze Ing Quotes

...I was a teenager I was always terrified of the idea that one day I'd die, now it's the only fucking thing that keeps me going." - F.B. "PlEEse bEaWare thE OmEn mai APPeAR Nyce and...

1266 days ago

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Wheres Wikileaks?

...chan.net wikileaks.yasaw.net zwartemarktplaats.com wikileaks.d...t-world.info wikileaks.superjoesoftware.com wikileaks.rtjuette....m wikileaks.keladi.org wikileaks.awardspace.us wikijm.com wik....com wl-tdl.ath.cx wikileaks.kermsware.net wikileaks.kutxa.hom...

2482 days ago


...Panel Video comments That's, at the very least, something to look forward to. possible extras should...squo;d also like to thank the donators for their help in raising funds towards the new servers. StringC...

2490 days ago


Ganja Chefs

...e Stoners United Cannabis Cooking group, view and submit cannabis cooking tips and recipes videos and pictures. Got a question? Submit it below, Warning:- please remeber eating c...

1357 days ago


RAP NEWS 4: Wikileaks vs The Pentagon - the WWWAR on the Internet

Rap News resumes its lyrical forays into the world of rhyme and reason, exploring the importance of the Internets. Robert Foster casts a critical rhyme over Senator Joe (Lie)berman's proposed bill to shut down the world-wide-web in case of [quotation mark] an emergency [/quotation mark]. But - ...

Tags: wikileaks, vs, the, pentagon, julian, assange, lieberman, internet, killswitch, kill, switch, war, censorship, rap, funny, conscious, comedy, consciousness, parody, satire, ci...

2471 days ago

520jeff420's first smoke vid

first smoke vid,more to comecomment,subscribe,add,like,favorite,hate­,whateversong-Biochemical Equation-WuTangKlan(Datsik & Excision Dubstep Remix)

Tags: cannabis, weed, the, marijuana, bong, united, 420, stoners, pot, video, music, drugs, legalise, ganja, war, comedy, high, nice, rips

2485 days ago


Comment on "What happens when Hell Freezes Over"

f u merk snows anoying it is impossible to go anywhere and am sick of gettin wet feet Oh and am not american so i cant afford a snow blower lol when are the benifits of bush n blairs oil wars gunna come my way!!!

2819 days ago