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new paintball video from saturday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuO6qS-ecvE

313 days ago

Members when you sign into the video chat you GOTSTA use your known Screen name, I dont wanna ban ppl but i will if I dont know who you are

322 days ago

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BHO/Budder Run

...ier, my cousin and I ran a half o once for BHO. I took several pics and videos I'll upload the vids as soon...scraped up out of the dish. Pure THC. Vids soon!   UPDATE: BOTH VIDEOS ARE NOW UP! http://stonersu...

1584 days ago

Things to do while you are hiiiiigh

...ething watch fantasia go apple/strawberry picking play disc golf go for a bike ride watch for falling stars/ufos go to a state park bring a video cam on a night out - edit it...

1672 days ago


Progress Gallery

Show us how far you have got with your resin ball here submit your images in comments below, or send us a video:

1999 days ago

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...ipting some amazing things. First thing we'd like to do is devise a new video chat system custom tailored t...l but: Higher Res Cams Improved Voip mic chat Post to The Wire via video chat Post to Quote Of The We...

1608 days ago


New Promo Video

Promotional Video!Hey friends, this track still under work, just some fine adjustments to it, i hope you all enjoy it.more athttp://www.josemascaromusic.net

Tags: promo, video

1164 days ago

520jeff420's first smoke vid

first smoke vid,more to comecomment,subscribe,add,like,favorite,hate­,whateversong-Biochemical Equation-WuTangKlan(Datsik & Excision Dubstep Remix)

Tags: cannabis, weed, the, marijuana, bong, united, 420, stoners, pot, video, music, drugs, legalise, ganja, war, comedy, high, nice, rips

1603 days ago


Comment on "Live bong rips on Stoners United"

lol my first ever su you tube video , yes i know.........

1985 days ago

Comment on "Job Security"

this is def my fav video of some one from su rippin

1985 days ago