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Happy 420 Friends! just got back from the LLC/Norml event, cloud at 420 was epic london stinking of weed! pop strain of the day lemon haze!

3 days ago

@Admins: Watch for old members returning & making multiple acct's.They fucked us w/them during the hackings last time.Only allowed 1 acct.

6 days ago

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A Maze Ing Quotes

...GOD" - YeZus"Although much of the Bible has been corrupted, the commandments are righteous, f...ver reAson, EssentiAlee dOinG thE dEvILs WorK." - YeZus "When...eIng saiD we CannOt knOw tHis thE fIrSt oCCurAnce UnLess YOu lI...aFul hOleS" - YeZus"Sometimes The Most Important Fight Is To Fi...

17 days ago

Ode To Polak

There once was a stoner called polak his name 'said' he...in washed till it hurt, 'pEaCe' 'lOvE' 'gOd BlEsS' 'tHe LoRd aBOvE' Days to weeks of...n, When will polak tire, Posting this bull shit on the wire?...

26 days ago



Rules Resin must be from a pure smoked piece only Must only be your resin, no sharing till part 2 of the compition, Part one of the resin ball challenge ''who can make the largest resin ball'' will be judged by independent adjudicator m3rk  

1632 days ago

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Forex broker reviews

...and/or a combination of both, the trader could lose a substanti...er has traded real money with them. However, by this time the t...sites have extensively tested the brokers' Forex platforms and...n about the broker is whether the firm is regulated by governme...

496 days ago

Come get stoned with the Kik-ster!

  rockbitch - live 2..brought to you by xxxbunker.com - the worlds largest xxx tube site 500.000 rock & metal videos on ROCKTUBE and METALHEAD

496 days ago


eting reson

These guitars had been of the tricone fakewatch assortment, which means that they had three conical resonators...as a "spider" that supported the bridge. A year later, 1 in th...ent innovations occurred over the course of about five years.

108 days ago

Elevated Alchemy Glass

...creations, quality, cost and concepts are composed with love and honesty. Every piece of glass is checked under a polariscope to insure there is no stress in the glass. The tiniest imperfecti...

108 days ago


running rebelution

my song

Tags: rebelution, running, courage, to, grow, santa, barabara, california, reggae, ska, dub, pepper, expendables, opm, 311, the, supervillians

942 days ago

The Walls Are Melting Eye High

The Walls Are Melting Eye High

Tags: the, walls, are, melting, eye, high

1148 days ago


Comment on "On a scale from"

upload fail, listened to it on the twitter link and it's still hella funny

1674 days ago

Comment on "little snippet of what American Health Care will look like"

Yikes Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process.)  

1677 days ago