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If weed is a plant and plants are life...then wouldn't smoking weed be getting high on life?

1224 days ago

Smoking me ganja(:))

1235 days ago

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...everyone doing there thing..... i enjoy getting high around friends but most of them are to busy or dont smoke anymore... im a late bloomer start smoking weed at age 27... i know righ...

985 days ago

Finding someone who may just be ...

...got me some buds and that's when I noticed he was kind of cute. So we've been hanging out pretty much every day. Sharing bowls and cuddling after smoking. We'll see where it goes, but...

1645 days ago


Miss Duck

Well.... Im Hannah, I'm 22 and im a major stoner :) most of the time if people see me on cam il have my elderly cat on my shoulders (she's abit clingy) But im told im a nice lady :) oh an im from good old yorkshire in the uk, so sorry about the accent :)

Tags: smoking, stand up comedy, art, music, films, stop animation and so much more :)

1444 days ago



Tags: smoking

1478 days ago


Comment on "Lazy Afghanistan Army"

...mpt to understand them, He is clearly wrong anyway, they defended them selfs from one of the worlds biggest super powers all throu out the 80's, smoking s little bit of hash to claim...

2810 days ago

Comment on "The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?"

We're smoking it up, SU's getting hazyBut it don't matter, cause the livin' is easyThere's Nic in the dark and Jess in the sunTeazz wants boobs but he ain't getting none

2574 days ago