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''it says here on your resume that you smoke weed''. '' all i do is smoke weed''

94 days ago

Damn not being about to smoke with you guys sucks, I feel like I'm missing out. Should have internet soon! Colorado is awesome so far though

94 days ago

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I'm a grown Adult and I've never had to hide the fact that I smoke weed....till now..

...I love my mom and my step dad is really cool. we all get a long and whatever but the one thing that I don't realy like living here is that I can't smoke weed here,like not even out s...

492 days ago

tiny room

...wont connect to the wifi so im also stuck with just my phone. instead of thinking this sucked.... this has been awesome!! so i shall return to my smoke seasson.   peace aS...

1123 days ago



Tags: toke, smoke, choke, broke. ganja, weed, yes indeed. pour me a drink, helps me think. u got tha flame, i got that stink.

342 days ago


Vaporizing weed is not the correct term for the process of heating up the weed just enough to burn the chemicals instead of burning the plant matter too. The correct term is SUBLIMATION. Sublime: Adjective: Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe th...

Tags: vape, vaporizer, sublime, smoke, toke

570 days ago


Comment on "me and some friends smoking"

lol smoke it like a kooka keep packing more weed

1624 days ago

Comment on "The Stoners United Poem! lets write it?"

...ance  mean? So I lit up my only physical friend the potent shimmering and radiant woman I hold close to my  mouth... The smoke of Mary Janes love twisted a...

1476 days ago