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Let's all take a moment to say congrats Anoir. After a good discussion it was decided to promote Anoir to chatroom moderator. Rips to Anoir!

612 days ago

2016 ..! We burnin' dem trees hard this year. Let 2016 prove that the human race still has a heart! Rips, Cheerz and HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!

628 days ago

Blog posts

StonersUnited is introducing Micotran$actions!

...p;  The chat will also be behind a paywall and will follow a pay per minute model along with an additional fee in StonerBucks™ for bong rips.    We hope you'r...

903 days ago

a poem

Unless the eye catch fire, the god will not be seen Unless the toungue catch fire, the god will not be named Unless the heart catches fire, the god will not be loved Unless the mind catch fire the god will not be known.   --William Blake high on ^ ' ^ rips!!!

2619 days ago


Tim Kush Bong Rips Video Montage

just a few quick rips for ya ! 

Tags: tim kush, bong, rips, weed, smoke

2442 days ago

520jeff420's first smoke vid

first smoke vid,more to comecomment,subscribe,add,like,favorite,hate­,whateversong-Biochemical Equation-WuTangKlan(Datsik & Excision Dubstep Remix)

Tags: cannabis, weed, the, marijuana, bong, united, 420, stoners, pot, video, music, drugs, legalise, ganja, war, comedy, high, nice, rips

2482 days ago


Comment on "Ideas for 420 day Stoners United events"

ok so far we got: Mass room rips @ 420 420 wet tshit comp and......................

2781 days ago