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New to this. Wanna meet some pot heads

247 days ago

ama workin true pothead 420 all day ppls :D how is everyone

340 days ago

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How i learnt the hard way '' don't fuck with the weather''

...tions and also that they were suffering from sea sickness and becoming hypothermic. “It took the Li...they are not rising and falling at the same time and because they were hypothermic and sea sick, it was de...

1166 days ago

some good quotes

...RINK & THE HAIRSPRAY I USE BECAUSE CHOCOLATE DOESN'T LEAVE A WET SPOT DRINK COFFEE - do stupid t...to her because she was just like her cakes - rich and moist. MADGE'S POT BROWNIES WERE A HIT AT THE CH...

1185 days ago

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...ted free. We all know that if everyone is forced to pay it will cut down potential visitors and deep down...Johanne {idk who/what username} Amongvacany Voltrex DJsliploco Jonnypotsmoker Thanks again to ever...

1234 days ago

Osama Bin Laden Spoting 2009

Osama Bin Laden Sighting 2009 Osama Bin Laden Spoting 2009, osama spoted live on webcam at stonersunited.com 15th september 2009 And again 26th of september 2009 this time he seems to...

1631 days ago



the names carlos. couple things you should know about meĀ  1.) pothead 2.) love food 3.) if u live near westmont illinois hmu and we can toke up

Tags: pot, video games, food

297 days ago


stoner from canada

Tags: pot

389 days ago


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become a spy point a cam at you milk spot maybe you get lucky

1390 days ago

Comment on "The Stoners United Resin Ball Challenge"

althou i ran out of pot a few weeks back and smoked half that resin ball

1539 days ago