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Pink As Floyd #motherfuckers!

1519 days ago

Now baked and on to Pulse. Pink Floyd live is amazing when baked. Or under any circimstances really.

1794 days ago

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My favorite song !?!?! Twiztid - She Ain't Afraid

...g and expanding A one way trip down south, a crash landing Right in your pink fun I get the job done Daddy...de my broom stick until you hear me cum And school me on your methods of pink fun Yeah She ain't afraid to...

2435 days ago


...that resembles the smell of a bag of skunk. The only thing that's seemed to change on my body in the last day is a pair of pajama pants displaying pink pigs that was rescued off the...

2927 days ago



that chick isnt really in the vid :P

Tags: pink, purple, kush, bomb, 420, weed, bong, blaze, dope, rip, hit, snap, dank, burn, crazy, big, huge, blacklight, glow, high

2436 days ago

Pink Floyd - Pow R. Toc H. (Syd Barrett)

Another new fan edit video of Pink Floyd, this time an instrumental track from, 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'. Pow R. Toc H. was written by Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, Roger Waters and Nick Mason, and was the first of two instrumental tracks on the album (the latter being 'Interstellar Overd...

Tags: pink, floyd, syd, barrett, pow, toc, the, piper, at, gates, of, dawn, music, video, 1967

2803 days ago


Comment on "Fav bands"

I think Pink Floyd is the band of the stoners.

2803 days ago

Comment on "Fav bands"

Oh man where do u start, ok just gunna do the main stuff i listern to alot, order is random PINK FLOYD The beatles Eric clapton Radio Head Queens Of The Stone Age Nirvana jimmi hendrix

2803 days ago