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Quote of the hour: deadhead: hit myself in the dick

10 days ago

Guess who's back, finally returning for my tokes and random shows of sideshow foolery

15 days ago

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A Maze Ing Quotes

...iTHyNg iS PosSiBl WiF GOD" - YeZus"Although much of the Bible has been corrupted,...s "When I was a teenager I was always terrified of the idea that one day I'd die...poSSibLe wHeN we DREEM PEEce" - YeZus "fousands of CANdles can BEE lit fRum a Sy...

109 days ago

Ode To Polak

...lak his name 'said' he did no crack, He went to a church got brain washed till it hurt, 'pEaCe' 'lOvE' 'gOd BlEsS' 'tHe LoRd aBOvE' Days to weeks of religionous suggestion, Brin...

118 days ago



Rules Resin must be from a pure smoked piece only Must only be your resin, no sharing till part 2 of the compition, Part one of the resin ball challenge ''who can make the largest resin ball'' will be judged by independent adjudicator m3rk  

1724 days ago

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Forex broker reviews

A Forex trader's success is often directly related to the Fo...ethical, and/or a combination of both, the trader could lose a substantial amount of money in the Forex market. It...r trades on the market. Some of the criteria that such sites...s whether the firm uses state-of-the-art measures to ensure th...

588 days ago

Wheres Wikileaks?

....razor1911.com wikileaks.dokansoft.com.ar wikileaks.thinkfurth...cret-world.info wikileaks.superjoesoftware.com wikileaks.rtjue...me.uk ipv6 wikileaks.webprofiles.org wikileaks.azatoth.ne....de wikileaks.mooo.se wikileaks.neofosis.com wikileaks.eglin....

1325 days ago


eting reson

These guitars had been of the tricone fakewatch assortment, wh...esonators joined by a T-shaped piece of aluminum known as a "spider"...ar later, 1 in the founding members of National split and started hi...te. The bridge rested in the center of this plate on an eight-legged...

200 days ago

Elevated Alchemy Glass

 We are three glass artists living just north of beautiful whistler B.C. Surround...our most inexpensive pieces to our elaborate one of a kind creations, quality, co...are composed with love and honesty. Every piece of glass is checked under a pola...

200 days ago


fuck tony montana

goddaaamn i love this song!

...ealm, sick, jacken, ill, bill, slaine, mr., white, aka, everlast, whyte, danny, boy, dj, lethal, limp, bizkit, lcn, name, dope, big, left, sen, dog, of, cypress, hill, snoop, dogg

1283 days ago

Richard Dreyfuss in "Leaves of Grass" 2010 Movie Trailer

might be worth a watch  http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5407591/Leaves_Of_Grass.2009.DvdRip.Xvid__1337x_-Noir

Tags: leaves, of, grass, richard, dreyfuss, edward, norton, susan, sarandon, tim, blake, steve, earle, lucy, devito

1373 days ago


Comment on "2am"

lol genius,   ''body odor that resembles the smell of a bag of skunk'' wtf is that all about , happens to me too

1772 days ago

Comment on "Lazy Afghanistan Army"

...tand them, He is clearly wrong anyway, they defended them selfs from one of the worlds biggest super powers all throu out the 80's, smoking s little bit of hash to claim down after a tu...

1656 days ago