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what is the tastiest BHO you have ever had strain/maker/consistency? Mine would be Purple Mr nice Guy shatter made by myself

455 days ago

Enjoying a nice little wake n bake ;)

688 days ago

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Outdoor/Guerilla Grow Guide - Everything u need to grow Marijuna!

...juana seeds genetics do not produce high yielding and potent harvests. Better option for a serious grower who plans to put some energy in growing a nice cannabis garden is to buy a p...

1704 days ago

Stoners United In High Times Magazine

Stoners United is in the January 420th edition of High Times Magazine, Stoners United In the High Times Top 40 below: ''all credits go to dodger for making this happen nice one m8'' 

1720 days ago


520jeff420's first smoke vid

first smoke vid,more to comecomment,subscribe,add,like,favorite,hate­,whateversong-Biochemical Equation-WuTangKlan(Datsik & Excision Dubstep Remix)

Tags: cannabis, weed, the, marijuana, bong, united, 420, stoners, pot, video, music, drugs, legalise, ganja, war, comedy, high, nice, rips

1735 days ago

Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2

hahahahah  what is NOT funny about Hitler and Vader doing a song together?

Tags: nicepeter, nice, peter, epic, rap, battles, comedy, funny, darth, vader, vs, adolf, hitler, freestyle, pwnage, white, boys, rapping

1750 days ago


Comment on "Stoners United in Amsterdam"

I think Vondelpark would be a nice place for us to meet.   - Smurf -

1967 days ago