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so bored and have major munchies ! what could i make that is fast and easy ? :p

1549 days ago

Gonna watch me some Netflix and eat my munchies

1615 days ago


Virginia Isblazed

Just a laid back chick from Portland Oregon who likes to smoke.

Tags: weed, drawing, sleep, munchies, parties, drinking

1905 days ago

Munchie Minute Ep43 Banana Bombs

Thanks Paul for this banana bombs recipe! www.munchieminute.com The Munchie Minute is not your typical cooking show. Whether you are a stoner or just enjoy funny videos, you are sure to laugh out loud watching Kristi's antics. Let us know what you think or how we can improve the show or make it ...

Tags: munchie, minute, ep43, episode 43, cannabis, munchies, snacks, stoned, stoner, 420, weed, pot, reefer, smoke, baked, baking, high, dispensary, sweet leaf, funny, comedy, cooking,...

2058 days ago