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Packin Mango Kush whatchyall smokin on ??

1223 days ago

blakberry kush, new strain of the week. Has a very fruity smell to it then a dank smell, darkish green with purple and lots of crystals.'.

1510 days ago

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BHO/Budder Run

...d I ran a half o once for BHO. I took several pics and videos I'll upload the vids as soon as my net is back up fully. 1/8th Afghani - 1/8th Purple Kush - Dash of Chem OG.   &...

2466 days ago


good strains ismoke are the bling diamond kush green crac hash plant cyclopse n purple widow n ak22 my fav is hash plant thou i love my indica hybrids

2587 days ago



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Tags: marijuana, weed, kush

1728 days ago

Munchie Minute Ep43 Banana Bombs

Thanks Paul for this banana bombs recipe! www.munchieminute.com The Munchie Minute is not your typical cooking show. Whether you are a stoner or just enjoy funny videos, you are sure to laugh out loud watching Kristi's antics. Let us know what you think or how we can improve the show or make it ...

...gh, dispensary, sweet leaf, funny, comedy, cooking, show, 4/20, 4:20, drugs, drug, ganja, marijuana, mary jane, legalize, medical, medicinal, hash, kush, green hair, recipes, kitchen...

2061 days ago


Comment on "Anesthesia"

Strain: Anesthesia genetics :afghani x skunk / herijuana) 90% Indica Looks: Lots of thc on this one. the bud is rock hard like kush. i cant wait to roll a joint!!! Smell: Very lea...

2412 days ago